Board of Directors

Tim Benintendi                                             

Tim Benintendi   - Chair                                              

Bob Petersen                   Ryan York                Eric Croft

Bob Petersen  - Vice Chair    Ryan York - Treasurer         Eric Croft - Secretary 

dr. van tets                   Chris Mello               Adele Bacon

Dr. Ian van Tets-  At Large      Chris Mello                           Adele Bacon


Dr. Curt Buchholz                    Sherry Glenn               Chuck Coulson     

Dr. Curt Buchholz                     Captain Sherry Glenn          Chuck Coulson

Dr. McGuire                   Cindy Shumaker              

Dr. David McGuire                  Cindy Schumaker                 Ron Clarke


Michelle Anderson                  Kim Cunningham               Chris Rutz


Ex officio- Bob Scanlon - CEO




 Oscar Avellaneda-Cruz /

Current Critical Needs

Type O- B-

Anchorage Centers
Call 222-5630 for info

Fairbanks Center
Call 456-5645 for info

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Remember to:

  • Eat well
  • Drink plenty of fluids before donating
  • Bring photo ID (with Birthday or SSN)

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